We ask our clients for constructive criticism:

Here is what our clients have to say about their experience with us:

- L. Shepard-Stewart - Plainfield

"Thanks for your excellent service in the sale of my  mother's house.  I especially appreciated your "kid gloves" gloves treatment of my mom, who at 80 years old didn't care for the process of showing the house to strangers repeatedly.  Having your familiar face, or a GilMORE staff member's for as many showings as possible was a great relief to both of us.  It's an "above and beyond" step that I'm pretty sure most realtors would not have bothered to take.  Through the entire process, I found you and your staff a pleasure to work with."

- M. Brown - Teaneck

"Well, I'm sure glad you didn't get on our nerves and I sure hope we did not get on yours!  I didn't expect our house to sell so fast!  I'm so glad we chose you... You guys were truly a blessing."

 - L. Bassett - VA

"GilMORE Realty's services were excellent!  While working with my agent I found her to be very professional.  She kept in contact with me regularly & because of that I recommend her services to everyone I know.  I would definitely work with them again in the future."

- I. Prince - Teaneck

"GilMORE Realty was so great, I felt as if my agent was a part of the family.  Magnificent is how I describe their overall service.  I would definitely recommend them to others.  The thing I valued the most while working with them is their honesty, and that is someone you would want to do business with."

- V. Grant - New Jersey

"GilMORE Realty is a Real Estate Agency, that is very dedicated to their job, and that was one of the characteristics that made me work with them.  I recommend them to people all the time, because they show genuine interest in what they do for people.  They went above and beyond."

- M. Ramsay - New Jersey

"GilMORE Realty focused on my interest and the fact that I had deadlines to meet.  They did everything they could to make me satisfied.  I would most definitely recommend them to others and have done so.  I appreciated their devotion, selflessness and most of all their honesty.  They are a professional Real Estate Company, great to work with; I don't know what I would have done without them."